Manchester has always had a buzz at night so last night me and mr turner decided that we deserved a Saturday night out. Especially after a week of non stop work.
After checking out the terrace at Restaurant Bar & Grill we strolled to spinning fields.
Now with an abundance of cool and chic bars and eateries. We landed at Austrilasia a bar and restaurant with a really good vibe. I believe the food is top class also.
This place is worth checking out next time your in town.
After this we went into Neighbourhood
A very much talked about bar. Really good tunes and again a great vibe.
All Manchesters elite were playing out in an area which has now has become the hip place to go.
A top night and I think a staff night out needs to be sorted.
So heading out after your new hairdoo into Manchester.
Check out spinning fields.

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